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PreLicensing Education Deal

PreLicensing Education

All inclusive and everything you need at your fingertips to help you pass your state exam. By purchasing one of our prelicensing courses packages you get the online course, your Department of Insurance Certificate, 14 days access to the test simulator (simulates a real testing environment), 7 days access to virtual video cram course and a hardcopy book for only

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Test Simulator

Unlimited access to final exams that simulate the real thing. Preview the system before you buy.

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Continuing Education

Accredited, state specific,inter-active, self-paced CE courses for your license renewal.

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Securities Licensing

PreLicenseTraining.com is the premier provider of securities education and training.

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Hardcopy Book

For students who like to have a physical book to study from in addition to the online material.

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Why are we different from the rest?

  • With us, you work at your own pace!
  • Instructors are just a phone call away!
  • We have worked with students that have taken their pre-licensing education from all providers.
  • All of your exam questions are state specific!
  • Answers are explained so you truly understand what the exam is asking, and what makes the answers correct.
  • See four times the material as every rationale to each question is possibly another exam question.
  • Unique,powerful, and most effective up to date method used for our online exam prep
  • State specified exam questions are broken down for your understanding
  • Rationales provided for both the correct and incorrect answer to further your understanding of the material.
  • Test Tips provided
  • Agents can monitor a students progress as they go through our system

What you need to know

From new materials to the scheduling your exam, we're here for you.

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Have you completed your online course and are ready to take the State Exam? Follow the steps below to get started. Aware 2 Pass is with you every step of the way.