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We thrive to bring our students up to date information, and the only way to do so is to hear from you!

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In 2006 I started studying to get my insurance California Insurance License. I went to the local week long classes, I purchased additional study materials, and I studied…studied…and studied, but nothing worked. I took the test 3 times and could not seem to pass with the information that I was learning. Finally someone told me about Vicki at AWARE and said that if anyone could get me the info I needed to pass it was her. When I found out that she was over 4 hours from my location I was a little hesitant to go but I really needed to pass my test. I spent 3 days with Vicki and passed my test 2 weeks later. I was so excited and impressed that I sent one of my coworkers who was also having trouble with the test. She came back from a few days with Vicki and passed her test a couple of weeks later. Now 4 years later I am getting ready to buy my first book of business and am excited about the opportunities provided to me as an insurance agent / broker. No matter where you are coming from a trip to see Vicki is worth your money and time.

- Zachary Navo, Navo Insurance Agency, Inc.

As in any organization, its people are what make the difference to the success of the company. In the case of AWARE, its instructors are what make the difference! The Department of Insurance has not made taking the test any easier in the last few years but thanks to AWARE, our employees have been able to learn and understand the necessary concepts to take the insurance test and most importantly, what is necessary to pass it. Thank you AWARE for helping our employees be successful!

- Joe Jimenez, President - CSIS Inc. - Garden Grove, CA

I am so grateful for having a career in the insurance industry as an agent. Vicki Wood with her professionalism and knowledge has made it all possible. I came to know Vicki late 2007 when I took her P&C and Life classes, and within days after finishing the courses I was walking out of the state's insurance department's office with my licenses. Vicki and still talk on weekly basis where I go back for any advice that relates to the insurance industry....Vicki thanks again!

- Dani Khouri, Khouri Insurance Services - Riverside, CA

The class and experience of Vicki is second to none as far as training and understading of materials.

- Brian Bettey, Bankerslife and Casualty - CA